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about the tunes

   Since we have such vast musical influences, we can pull songs from almost anywhere in the music-sphere. You like pop songs done acoustically? We got you. You want classic songs to match your vintage style? We got you. Are you a theater kid marrying a cool indie guy.. We definitely got you because that was us. We know that live music sets the tone for an event and for your special day. We know the importance of picking that first dance song (Ours is You Matter to Me from the Broadway musical, Waitress)

Our wedding was the best day of our lives and we want to be a part of making yours the best day of yours!

about us

about aka ALLIAM

   aka ALLIAM is the long awaited collaboration of Alexandra and Liam. Alexandra is a professional singer and actor and does theater and live performances all over the country, and even fronts a dance band for the past twelve years. Liam has been writing and performing music since he discovered the guitar sixteen years ago.  

   In 2019, a close friend asked the two to do the ceremony music for her wedding. Then another friend wanted them to play her first dance song at her wedding last October and this sparked an idea.


‘We love each other, we love music, why aren’t we playing music with each other!?’ 

Liam and Alexandra met and started dating in 2014 because Liam was in a band with her brother. 

In May of 2020, Liam proposed to Alexandra by writing and singing her a song from outside her window.

On October 16, 2021, A&L got married in Hopewell Junction, NY and have been LOVING it: 10/10 recommend marrying your best friend.

Fun facts: We went to Iceland for our honeymoon and hiked a glacier and a volcano. We have two cats, named Rodrigo and Louisa. Our favorite show is New Girl. We want to visit all 50 states. We're at 22/50 so far.

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